Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Many people are choosing to arrange and pay for funerals in advance. With the Independent Way Plan we will make sure that your loved ones will be spared much of the burden of organising a funeral. Many personal decisions have to be made, your wishes are special, you will have specified every detail in advance and you can be sure we will carry them out to the letter, in association with Golden Charter, a British owned and run company.
Payment may be made in full or by instalments (if paid in 12 monthly instalments this is charged at 0% interest) and comes with a guarantee that covers all funeral director’s costs. This gives you real peace of mind that a difficult time will be made easier for your loved ones. The Independent Way is recommended by the National Association of Allied And Independent Funeral Directors. Contact us
Flowers on a coffin in the church

Arranging a funeral

Arranging a funeral can be especially difficult, when a family member or loved one dies.  We are here to help, assist and advise you to provide a unique tribute to their life. Read more